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Milk Snakes
Lampropeltis triangulum

Cosala Sinaloan Milk snake shown above

Albino Mexican Milk snakes

(Lampropeltis triangulum annulata). Still very rare in collections with a lot of potencial for refinement and breeding into other annulata morphs.  These are outcossed "Freer Texas" animals bred with Bob Applegates resulting in a stronger high fertilty bloodline. An easy species to raise and breed. $500 each

Cosala Sinaloan Milksnakes.
(Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae) -  Sinaloan milksnakes continue to be popular for their extremely wide red bands. Our breeders, which originate from Cosala Mexico are selectively bred to produce vivid orange-red offspring with wide clean bands and varying amounts of red head patterns. $125-$150 each.

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