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Gray-Banded Kingsnakes

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Lampropeltis alterna

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The Gray-Banded kingsnake (Lampropeltis alterna) occurs in the Chihuahua desert regions of northereastern Mexico and the Big Bend region of west Texas. The extreme variety and beauty of patterns and colors accounts for much of the Gray-Bands popularity, and is likely the result of mimicking the venomous snakes that overlap it's range (Trans-Pecos Copperhead and Mottled Rock Rattlesnake). The fascination with these variations, and ability to explore them further through captive breeding makes this snake one of the most rewarding species to raise and breed in captivity.

We work exclusively with Gray-Bands from the "Christmas Mountain" locality. From High-Way 118 north of Big Bend National Park. Because of the rarity of specimans and the tendency to produce extremely variable speckled and busy patterns make this is one of the most sought after localities. Some are light, some dark or almost black with many exhibiting intense orange coloration.

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