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Captive Bred Excellence was started as a hobby/business in 1990 by Tad Fitzgerald. Like many others involved in this hobby it started in childhood and progressed from there. Donna became involved just a few years later starting with Leopard Gecko's for a few years then working with Northern Blue Tongue Skinks exclusively.

We are now both focusing more on enjoying our hobby with a much smaller collection than in the past. The collection we do continue to maintain are all "Top Shelf" animals meticulously cared for. As before our primary interest is in selective breeding to improve specific traits while maintaining strong healthy bloodlines.

Occasionaly throughout each year we offer surplus stock on our "Available" Page". Be sure and subscribe to our email notification on that page to be contacted when that page is updated. We do not accept deposits, or hold animals, all are sold on a first come first serve basis. See "Purchasing" Page for details.

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